Welcome to Alsisar Mahal , Jhunjhunu , India

Alsisar Mahal

Hotel Alsisar Mahal, Alsisar is a grand property that will take you back to the romance and ostentatious fashion of the Royal era. The architecture of the Mahal is just imposing and magnificent with splendid and stylishly ornamented interiors. Approach this regal place to experience a luxurious fiesta wrapped with Rajasthani patterns and antique furnishings calling for a delicate modish stay. 

Hotel Alsisar Mahal is conveniently positioned at Jhunjhnu district with some happening tourist spots in the close vicinity. To name a few, they are Alsisar Gate (800m), Lakhau Fort (20kms), Sayed Kanupeer Mount (22kms), Rani Sati Temple (22kms), Narayan Niwas Castle (26kms), Mandawa Fort (30kms), Mandawa Square (31kms), Chhatris (34kms), Quba Masjid (34kms), Dr. Ramnath A. Podar Haveli Museum (50kms) and Seth Gyaniram Bansidhar Podar College Nawalgarh (51kms). 


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